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Kitab al-Fitan by Na'eem ibn Hammaad Al-Maroozi (died 228 Hijri) can not be taken for granted and fully authentic in all its contents and narrations. Many Sunni scholars in Hadeeth like Al-Nasaa'ee and Ibn Hajar and Al-Dhahabi and al-Daar Qutni mentioned Na'eem or Nu'aim ibn Hammaad as not authentic narrator despite the fact the he was a Sunni like them. This narration does not have a continuous chain of authentic narrators, that is why we can not take it as authentic. Anwar Shah Kashmiri was a Deobandi Shaikh in the Indian subcontinent who died in 1933 and his mentioning this narration needs an authentic chain of narrators, which he failed to mention , so we can not take the narration with out that.