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There are a lot of books about Islam that you can read, and I think it's good to read whatever seems to fit your needs and interests now, since people have different interests.

However, this might be of interest and also has a brief discussion of hijab:

There are some small differences between Sunni and Shi'i methods and times of saying the 5 daily prayers. (Also there are some small differences between the 4 main schools of thought among Sunnis.) So some of the guidance you will find in books or online will vary. If you are not committed to any specific school of thought/sect now, I suggest you just pick one method and do it, and if you want to change how you do it, you can change later.

Here is a Sunni descrption:
Here is a Shi'i description:

I am sure there are some helpful videos on YouTube too.

Sometimes all the details (and, for people who do not speak Arabic already, Arabic words) can be intimidating so just do your best. 

Best wishes on your journey!