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Are you feeling nervous about committing? Are there any other difficulties that are not being addressed? Are you connecting to her emotionally? Maybe you are subconsciously seeking a connection that you might feel you are not getting in this partnership. You say you are 'satisfied with her deen and akhlaq', which sounds quite official and correct, but maybe there is something you have in your mind that you wish you still had. One way of remaining content is to remind yourself that, even if you were to be with one of the other women you are looking at, you would eventually confront the more challenging demands of marriage and commitment. Then the same subconscious fears would arise and you might once again start looking at other women. If you feel you are lacking an emotional connection with her, then it is good to discuss that with her. Maybe she feels the same and it is something that you can both work on. If you have had a childhood that involves parental conflict or divorce, you may also find it more difficult to connect emotionally. It may be good to seek out some therapy to try to understand what is going on in your mind at a deeper level, or to talk to someone about it. Do not keep silent about it, as it could continue after you get married.

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