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Most of people misunderstand the fact of death and think it as terrible and fearful. The terrible death is only for the sinners who did insist on wrong till their death and never repented. Death for the believer is bounty and great relief from the sufferings of this worldly life. When we read Quran, we find that the moment of death of a believer is the start of new life of mercy, bounties and peace. (Refer to Sura Al-Waqi'ah). We also read in Quran that pious believer is been received by the angles on his death with peace and good news of entering Paradise: Those (Believers) whose souls are taken back by the angles, angles tell them: Peace be upon you, enter the Paradise for the good which you used to do. Sura 16, Verse 32.

Authentic Hadeeths stated that every believer will have the pleasure of seeing the Prophet (SAWA) and Ameerul Mo'mineen (AS) and other Infallible Imams (AS) on his death and they will give him best news of Paradise.

It is narrated in a Hadeeth that death is the happiest day for the believer.

Understanding these facts should make the believer not only free from fearing death but also longing for that happiness. We read in Ziyarat Ameen Allah ; O Allah make me longing for the happiness of meeting Your Mercy ( Death). مشتاقة إلى فرحة لقائك.

Death is ordained by Allah, The Most Merciful, on all the creatures and it is part of His Mercy. Enemies of Allah will face the results of their bad deeds, but believers and pious servants of Allah will meet The Great Mercy of Allah.