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This narration is weak and not authentic because of its narrator (Jafar al-Khuza'ee) is unknown and never been authenticated by any of our Ulama. Al-Majlisi in Baharul Anwaar mentioned that this narration is weak.

Al-Kho'ee in Mo'jam Rijal al-Hadeeth stated that the narrator ( Jafar Al-Khzaa'ee is unknown.

'The authentic narrations in all Shia books and many Sunni books stated that this verse was revealed on the Day of Ghadeer. (Al-Kafi 1:289, and 1:198) 

Many Sunni scholars narrated authentic Hadeeths that this verse was revealed on the Day of Ghadeer e.g.

1.Al-Tabari in his book Al-Wilayah,

2, Ibn Oqdah.

3. Ibn Asaakir.

4. Ibn Mardawayh.

5. Al-Hafidh Abu Na'eem in his book (Maha Nazala Min al-Quran Fi Ali).

6. Al-Khateeb al-Baghdadi in Tareekh Baghdad 8:290 . al-Sijistani in his book al-Wikayah.

8. Al-Khawarizmi in al-Manaaqib:page 80.

9. al-Hamaweeni al-Hanafi in Faraa'id al-Simtayn  in chapter 12.

No scholar can turn his face away from many authentic narrations and take instead a single weak narration.