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Abu Hanifa Al-Qaadhi Al-Nu'man is different from Abu Hanifa Al-Nu'maan of the Hanafi sect. Al-Qaadhi Al-Nu'man was the scholar of Fatemi government in Egypt that is why he is called by some scholars as Al-Masri. He dies in 363 Hijri while Abu Hanifa Al-Nu'man died in 150 Hijri.

Al-Qadhi Abu Hanifa Al-Nu'man is also known as Ibn Hayyoon ابن حيّون .

He had many books including his most famous book known as Da'aa'im Al-Islam دعائم الإسلام

He was not the founder of Fatemi imams but the scholar who spread the message through his books.

'He started as a Sunni Maliki but through research became an Imami scholar following the Twelve Imams.

'His book Da'aa'im Al-Islam has many authentic narrations from Ahlul Bayt (AS) but also has some matters which are not authentic.