Abbas Di Palma, Shaykh Abbas Di Palma holds a BA and an MA degree in Islamic Studies, and certifications from the Language Institute of Damascus University. He has also studied traditional Islamic sciences in... Answered 1 year ago

as salam alaikum

there is no problem for Muslim girls to practice sports in a healthy and halal environment, and actually some physical activities are encouraged by Islam provided that women do not expose themselves to non-mahrams in un-Islamic way. Unfortunately nowadays many "sports" lost their original spirit and became synonymous of "shows" and a justification for promiscuous activities. That is something definitely haram that Islam disapproves of.

Islamic groups, communities and institutions should encourage and promote sports in segregated environments, where possibly Jama'ah Prayers are also arranged in their due timings, to develop both spiritual and physical well-being.  

With prayers for your success.