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No Forms nor manifestations of God :

Islam is the pure message from the One Creator Allah (SWT) for all
people to make them know that there is no god but Allah (SWT) and no
one has the right to suggest any form or manifestation for God.

Allah (SWT) does not need people to suggest forms or manifestations
for Him. In fact the Holy Qur’an is very clear against these so called
forms and manifestations because it leads to polytheism. Allah (SWT)
ordered people to worship him without their imagination or forms or
manifestations and those who create what they claim to be forms or
manifestations are away from Allah (SWT). When they are being told to
worship Allah (SWT) only and not others, they say : “We in fact
worship them to get proximity to Allah (SWT) (ما نعبدهم  الا ليقربونا الى الله زلفى).

(Sura 39, Verse 3)

Islam being the final and ever-lasting message from Allah (SWT) does
not accept any claim of any forms or manifestations of God and deals with it
as a type of Shirk (Polytheism)  which is the most dangerous major sin.


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