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The Quraan had Inzaal
إنزال which is the whole revelation in one time as we read in Surah Al Qadr “Inna An Zalnaho Fi Lailatil Qadr” , and there is Tanzeel “Tanzeelul Kitaabe Minal Lahel Azeezil Hakeem”.Sura al-Zumar, verse 1.
Tanzeel is the gradual revelation of the Quranic verses according to the different situations.
Inzaal is revealing the whole Quraan in one time.
Inzaal on the heart of The Prophet happened on Laylatul Qadr.
Tanzeel on The Prophet took about 23 years gradually.
Tanzeel which is the gradual revelation of Quraan on the Prophet (SAWA) is the explanation of your question.
Every situation which required revelation the Tanzeel (the gradual revelation) was responding to it which comes accordingly. Prophet was sad because of the evil acts of the enemies of Allah and was a happy when seeing the victory of the religion of Allah and the followers of Islam . It is according to the Tanzeel (the gradual revelation).