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Fatima (AS) is part of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) as he said in the authentic Hadeeth narrated in Shia and Sunni books فاطمة بضعة مني.
- (Saheeh Al-Bukhari, Hadeeth number 3437 and 3483)

- Saheeh Muslim; 4482 and 4483).

Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal; 15539.

Trmithi; 3802 and 3804.

al-Mustadrak ALAL-Saheehain by Al-Haakim Al-Nisabori ; 4747 and 4751. And many other Sunni main books of Hadeeth.

As the status of the Prophet Muhammad is the best and the highest among all the prophets, Fatimah who is part from him is higher in her degree from all the previous prophets. If fact no one can be compared with Fatimah after her father and her husband. She is the best human being after her father and her husband.