Vinay Khetia, Shaikh Vinay Khetia has studied at various traditional Islamic seminaries in London, Iraq and Syria. He has an undergraduate degree in Religious and Near Eastern Studies from the University of... Answered 3 years ago

Salaamun Alaykum neither are technically haram  but both lead to haram things or bad situations. What is haram is to engage in any interaction that is lustful leading to something indecent. It is for this reason that Islam has very clear guidelines when it comes to interaction between opposite genders (who are not mahram) and that is it should be formal and not be lustful in anyway nor leading to that situation.  This may even include listening to her voice if that becomes something that contributes to lustful feelings and certain imaginations. My advice to you is to get married as soon as possible either permanently or temporarily since interacting with a non-Mahram outside of official work or clearly defined formal work is not appropriate whatsoever as it very often leads to a situation that is not becoming of a mu'min or mu'mina.