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The evidence of real Islam can never be compared with any other claim
from any other faith and those who study and compare between our
evidence and the evidence of other faiths reach to this fact after
only a little bit of sincere research. Islam encourages those Muslims
who are able to go through different faiths and try to prove to people
that among all the religions and faiths, the real faith is the Islam
of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) and the Ahlul Bayt (AS).

It is highly recommended to study other faiths for those who are well
equipped with knowledge to research other faiths and take
from their own books points which support the fact that the real faith
is nothing but Islam of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) and the Ahlul Bayt.
Those who don’t have enough knowledge can be misguided if they read
the different contradicting claims of other faiths, that is why we
advise them to study other faiths under the guidance of trusted
scholars who can take them step by step to research different books of
different faiths. The Holy Prophet (SAWA) and all the infallible Imams
(AS) encouraged their learned followers to research the faith of
others and debate with them to clarify the facts to them. The Holy
Prophet (SAWA) sent to Madinah before his own migration a young Muslim
by the name of Mus’ab Ibn ‘Omair to teach the new Muslims and to
invite non-Muslims to Islam through dialogue based on evidence. Hisham
Ibn Al-Hakam was a young student of Imam Ja’far As Sadiq (AS) who was
taught and encouraged to debate with the people of other faiths.

Islam encourages dialogue based on knowledge. We don’t have any fear
or reluctance from debating with others because we are equipped with
the strongest evidence up to the extent that our Imam Ja’far As Sadiq
(AS) is reported to have said : If our ignorant follower did not defeat the
learned of the others, then we are not on the right path. Every Muslim
who has knowledge is encouraged to research other faiths and try his
best to spread the truth among people.


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