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Thank you for your question. Marriage is a mutual agreement. One of the default conditions in permanent marriage is that the woman must have the permission of her husband to leave the house and another default condition is that the husband is responsible for the woman's food, clothing and shelter. This is unless the woman leaves the house in the following cases:

1) a necessity requires her to

2) staying in the house causes her hardship (haraj)

3) the house is not appropriate for her

If the woman insists on breaking a condition then the man is not bound to fulfill his side of the agreement as she has forgone her right to those things. On the other hand, if a wife's living expenses are to be borne by her husband but he does not pay them, she can take her living expenses from his property without his consent. If this is not possible, in the event that she cannot complain to a qualified jurist about this and has no option other than to work in order to meet her living expenses, then while she is working to meet her living expenses it is not obligatory on her to obey her husband in those matters that are normally obligatory.

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