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No. This claim has come from non Muslims to some Muslims who do not follow Ahlul Bayt (AS). You can read it in Jewish books and in the old Testaments.

Authentic Shia Hadeeths refute the claim of creating of Hawwa from a rib of Adam. 
If you find such claim in some Shia books, such books have taken it from Sunni books as we have many Shia books mention Sunni narrations which are not authentic in our books. Such narrations have no value for us, especially when we have authentic narrations refuting the contents of it.

Refuting the "Rib" claim has come very clearly from Imam Mohammad Al-Baqir (AS) who was been asked by Amr Ibn Abi Al Miqdad: From what Allah has created  Hawwa? Imam Asked him: What do people say? He said: They say that she was created from a rib of Adams. Imam Al-Baqir said: They are lying. Was it difficult for Allah to create her but only from Adam's rib? In fact, Allah created  Hawwa from the same clay from which He created Adam. (Biharul Anwaar from Tafseer Al-Ayaashi).

Also Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS) has refuted  this false claim in a Hadeeth which was narrated through authentic chain of narrators and mentioned in books like Manlaa Yahdharul Faqeeh 3/379 and 'Elal Al-Shara'i 1/17.

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