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Yes, Muhammad son of Abu Bakr was from a pious lady (Asmaa' Bint Omais) who was widow of Jafar Ibn Abi Talib (AS) who was martyred in the battle of Mo'ta and is caled then Jafar Al-Tayyar. Abu Bakr proposed to that lady during his government and she could not refuse the ruler. She had from that marriage a son called Muhammad. After the death of Ab Bakr, Imam Ali (AS) proposed t this lady to look after the orphans of his brother Jafar. Muhammad Inb Ab Bakr was looked after and brought up by Imam Ali (AS) and became a very good Momin. He was with Imam Ali in fighting his enemies including fighting in the battle of jamal (Camel) led by his own step sister Aaysha daughter of Abu Bakr. Imam Ali (AS) asked Muhammad Bin Abu Bakr to accompany Aaysha from Basra back to Madina.

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