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My understanding is that the emphasis on males having hur al-ayns is because God is shy and considers that women might also be more shy about these things. However, men are often not shy in broadcasting that they want many females and in fact sometimes consider it a manly thing to say, so God speaks of this from the male perspective.

The Qur'an is also discreet in discussing other delicate matters such as using the washroom and spousal relations, even though this discretion is not usually reflected in translation. 

Maybe also some of the men in that time period were a little difficult and they needed some extra encouragement. 

The Hereafter does not have the same considerations of this world, and God knows best how people will feel about these things in the Hereafter. 

In any case, the Quran (for instance in Surah Ya Sin) does in general speak of having the enjoyment of companionship in Paradise in a general sense (not limited to men).

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