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The 313 most trusted believers who will come with the Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) when he will come back to the public include many ladies. Some narrations mentioned that they will be fifty ladies among the 313. This is narrated by Jaabir Al-Jo'fi from Imam Al-Baqir (AS). (Ethbaat Al-Hodaat by al-Hurr Al-A'amily; 3:575.

In Dalaa'il Al-Imamah by al-Tabari , page 259: Mufadhdhal ibn Omar  said: I heard Imam aal-Sadiq (AS) saying: There will be with The Imam Al-Qaa'im thirteen women. The narration says that the Imam Al-Sadiq (AS) mentioned some names of those ladies: Alqinwaa Bint Rasheed, Umm Ayman , Hubabah Al-Waalibiyyah,  Sumayyah Umm Ammar, Zubaida, Umm Khalid Al-Ahmasiyyah,  Um Sa'eed Al-Hanafiyyah,  Subabah Al-Mashta, and Umm Khalid Al-Juhaniyyah.

So, the leading ladies with Imam Al-Mahdi (AS) are not just two but much more up to fifty. Thirteen of them will be very prominent personalities who will be resurrected from their graves to be with the Imam (AS).