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Thank you for your question. While we cannot know the full Wisdom of God that does not prevent us from understanding something of the wisdom of God as it pertains to the creation. There are some laws that we can understand the wisdom behind and others that we do not know the wisdom of. But following those laws is not contingent on us understanding the wisdom behind them once we confirm the Wisdom of God and it's unlimited nature.

To give an example to illustrate the point, many times small children do not understand the wisdom of their parents when they prevent them or encourage them towards certain things. But if the parents are truly wise then it is in the benefit of the child whether that child understand the wisdom or not. Indeed to take this example further, in any relationship when one person is wise and the other is in need of wisdom, the one that needs wisdom is by definition he who does not understand that wisdom unless the wise person is able to explain it to them as part of their advice. That is a normal handicap for one that lacks wisdom even if it is not Divine Wisdom.

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