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The narration which says that (Allah SWT was a hidden treasure and He liked to be known so He created the creation to be Known) has got
many points to point out :

1. About the authenticity of the narrators:  This narration is claimed to be a Hadeeth Qudsi, but we don’t have in our authentic books an authentic
chain of narrators for this narration. Even we do not see any chain of narrators in Sunni books. Yet many of our scholars and Sunni
scholars have mentioned this narration as Hadeeth Qudsi but no mention to the narrators’ chain, e.g.
Al Mohaqiq al Karaki mentioned this narration in his book Ar Rasael . Also Ibn Abi Jumhoor Al Ahsaee mentioned this narration in his book Ghawaali Al La Aali. Also Al Majlisi mentioned this narration in
Bihaar Al Anwar. Also Al Sabzawari mentioned this narration in Shar’h
Al Asmaa’ Al Husna. From the Sunni scholars many have mentioned this
narration, among them Al Aamudi in his book Al Ahkaam.

From the Shia Ulema, there are prominent Ulema who considered this
narration as fabricated. Among them is Al Sayyed Al Mar’ashi Shabuddin
in his book Ehqaaq Al Haqq vol 6 Pg 431. Many Sunni scholars also said
that this narration is not authentic at all e.g. Al-Ajlooni in Kashf Al-Khafaa’, 2:132, Al-Zarkashi, Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalaani,  and Al-Soyooti and many others.

So the first question here is about he authenticity of this narration.
We cannot here deny completely or confirm that this narration is
authentic because of the different opinions about the authenticity of
this narration.

2. The content: In studying the content of this narration if
this narration can be proved as authentic, there are important things
to be mentioned to remove the mis-understanding.

The translation of this narration in English as quoted by the person
who put the question is not correct. The narration says “KONTO KANZAN MAKHFIYYAN FA AHBABTO AN O’RAF FAKHALAQTO AL-KHALQA KAI O’RAF. (I WAS A HIDDEN TREASURE AND I LIKED TO BE KNOWN, SO I CREATED THE CREATION TO BE KNOWN). Allah SWT didn’t say that I needed to be known. The
narration says Allah liked to be known. Liking is not a need. Say, any
generous person, he always likes to give. This liking to give is not a
need at all. Allah SWT likes to grant His mercy on His creation who
will be created by Him. That does not mean at all that Allah SWT
needed to create them But Allah SWT  liked to extend His generosity,
His bounties, His mercy on them. The Quranic verse: “ELLA MAN RAHIMA RABBOK WA LITHAALIKA KHALAQAHUM"
( Allah created all the for granting them from His mercy)( Sura Hud, Verse 119).
So granting the mercy is not a need and it is wrong to think that
Allah SWT was in need to create the creation but in fact it was from
the generosity of Allah SWT and His grace on the creation and His
bounties and mercy that He created the creation.


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