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There are many books compiled on medical narrations on health and food from the Prophet (SAWA) like Tibb al-Nabi or Al-Tibb Al-Nabawi and from Ahlul Bayt (AS) like Tabb Al-A'yimmah or Tibb Al-Sadiq (AS).

Sayyed Mahmood Dehsurkhi who is a well known scholar in Hadeeth (passed away recently in Qum) has a books in this regard called Ramz Al-Sihhah Fi Tibb Al-Nabi wal A'iymmah. He has collected in 277 pages good number of Hadeeths in health and food. The book was published by Lahoot publications tel. +98-251-7747493.

There are many other pub;ished books in this regards.

We have a valuable text narrated from Imam Al-Ridha (AS) in this subject called Al-Risaalah Al-Thahabiyyah الرسالة الذهبية or Tabb Al-Ridha

This text is narrated in many of our books of Hadeeth and also publishes as an individual book. (Published by Shabakat Al-Fikr). You might find this bok on the website of the Astan Quds Razawi.