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Thank you for your question. Counselling is of different types and deals with different problems. There is a plethora of useful information in a number of fields that are relevant to different forms of counselling, however, perhaps some of the most important fields are that of spiritual phychology and practical mysticism where the nature of the human soul, its diseases and the way to purify them offer important insights into solving a variety of problems. The scriptural sources are also replete with information which is understood over a period of time with the relevant issues in mind.

In a description of the Prophet (saw) by Imam Ali (as) found in Nahj al-balagha, the Prophet (saw) is described as a doctor who would go around curing people with his (saw) expertise. That is that he was a spiritual doctor that would bring people out of their misery and dark places with his message. He is also described as someone who never cut a person’s speech, and it can be inferred from this that he would listen before offering solutions.

May you always be successful.