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This authentic Hadeeth ذِكرُ عليّ عبادة is narrated in Shia books and Sunni books. Shia books like:

1. Manla Yahdharuhul Faqeeh; Hadeeth number 2145 and 2146

2. Kashful Yaqeen 449.

3. Al-Siratul Mustaqeem, V.1, P. 209.

4. Al-Ekhtisaas as quoted in Biharul Anwaar , V. 91, P. 69.

'Sunni books narrated this Hadeeth from many companions and from 'Aisha saying the she heard Rasoolullah (SAWA) saying: Remembering (mentioning) Ali is a worship.

1. It is narrated by al-Khawarizmi in al-Manaaqib 261.

2. Ibn al-Maghazili in al-Manaaqib, Hadeeth 243.

3. Ibn 'Asaakir in Tareekh Dimishq, V. 42, P. 356.

4. Al-Wissabi in Asnal Mataalib , page 76.