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as salam alaikum

there is no situation in which not to combine prayers should be considered a worst option except when it brings unbearable hardship like during illness or travel (wherein combing prayers can be considered a better option).

In a letter to the governors of various places, Imam Ali, peace be on him, advised his subordinates to establish prayer in five different times of the day:

"Now say the zuhr (noon) prayers when the shade of the wall of the goats' pen is equal to the wall. Say the asr (afternoon) prayers with them when the sun is still shining in a portion of the day enough for covering the distance of two farsakhs (about six miles). Say the maghrib (sunset) prayers when he who is fasting ends the fast and the pilgrim rushes (from Arafat) to Mina. Say the `isha' (night) prayers with them when twilight disappears amd up to one third of the night. Say the (early) morning prayers when a man can recognize the face of his companion" (Nahj al-Balaghah, letter 52).

Therefore there is no problem to prefer to pray in five different times a day in normal circumstances at any time.

With prayers for your success.