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2:124 ‘And (remember) when his Lord tried Abraham with (His)
commands/words, and he fulfilled them. He said: Indeed, I have appointed you a leader (imām) for mankind. (Abraham) said: And my progeny? He said: My
covenant (ahd) does not include the wrongdoers/oppressors.’

21:72-73 ‘And We bestowed upon him (Abraham) Isaac, and Jacob as a
grandson. Each of them We made righteous./ And We made them imāms by Our command and We inspired them the doing of good deeds and the establishment of salah and the payment of zakah, and they were worshippers of Us alone.’

32:24 ‘And when they became steadfast (sabarū) and attained certainty (yaqīn) of Our revelations, We appointed from among them imāms who guide by Our command.’