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The narration of (Majority of people of hellfire will be women) is not authentic according to our leading scholars. It is mentioned in Sunni books like Al-Bukhari and Muslim. This narration was refuted by Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS) as we read in Hadeeth 4627 in Al-Faqeeh. In fact, on the contrary we have a Hadeeth narrated by Ammaar al-Sabaati that Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq said: Majority of people in the Paradise will be women who were dealt with as weak, so Allah knew their weakness, so, He bestowed His Mercy on them. (Reference: Manla Yahdharuhul Faqeeh, by Al-Sadouq, Vol. 2, Page 468).أكثر أهل الجنة من المستضعفين النساء . علم الله ضعفهن فرحمهن )

You can see in Sunni books very strange narrations against women which have been fabricated because of the Bedwish Jaahilyyah ideas among those who were not following Ahlul Bayt (AS). In Saheeh Muslim (Hadeeth number 1119) which is one of the most important Sunni books of Hadeeth : Salaah of the Muslim is invalid if a woman or a donkey or a dog pass in front of him.   يقطع الصلاة المرأة والحمار والكلب

I invite Muslim scholars to research such false narrations and warn people from them.


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