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It is one of your rights, but good communication (and a good marriage) is not build upon the demand of one's rights. One should always introduce one’s feelings, needs and desires in a proper way. This means that we explain our position with patience, tolerance and compassion. Moving to a new country is stressful for all, and there might be a reason for his lack of motivation to find a job. My best advice is therefore to tell him how you feel about living at your sister’s, and how it will improve your situation if he had a job. If he is going through a stressful period (etc.) due to the new environment, you might want to help him find a job, and show compassion about his situation. Marriage is not about demanding one’s rights, and demanding the other part to fulfil their responsibilities. Marriage is a partnership, a sacred bond of help, support, love and compassion. Sometimes we must show patience and support, other times it is us who need the support and compassion.