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Possibly. Reciting nikah over the phone with the intention to conduct a marriage in and of itself is valid, insofar as it is done properly and seriously and there are no factors that would invalidate the marriage. In Shi'i law, witnesses are not required to solemnize a marriage. 

However, there are a lot of questions here. Were you both serious about marrying each other, or was it just a sort of joke? Were you able to understand what he said and confirm that he actually recited the marriage formula on your behalf correctly? (If you don't speak Arabic, or if he was mumbling, for all you know he could have been reciting a grocery list.) Was it a first marriage for you, which would generally require the consent of your father or grandfather? What about serious matters, such as mahr and maintenance? Do you even want to be bound to him, or are you trying to find a way out of this? 

Might I suggest that this wasn't the best plan. Given that there are so many uncertainties, it would be good to ask a specialist in Islamic law (such as a local alim) to intervene and sort it out. 

In the future, might I suggest that if you want to contract an Islamic marriage on the spur of the moment over the phone, it might be wiser to stick with temporary marriage, which leaves you with far fewer complications. 

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