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Thank you for your question.

The following are the recommended prayers which make up 51 rakats:

1) 8 rakats in sets of 2 before Zuhr prayer

2) 8 rakats in sets of 2 before Asr prayer

3) 4 rakats in sets of 2 after Magrib prayer

4) 2 rakats sitting or 1 rakat standing after Isha prayer - the sitting prayer is better here

5) 11 rakats salat al-layl (8 rakats in sets of 2, a 2 rakat prayer called Shaf' and a 1 Rakat prayer called Witr)

6) 2 rakats before fajr prayer

8+8+4+1+11+2=34 plus 17 obligatory rakats = 51

May you always be successful.