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The Qur'an says: "We have created human being in the best make, then We made him to the lowest of the low except those who believe and do good deeds" (95:4-6).  It is concluded from the above-mentioned verses that the "best make" does not refer to physical shape as it says "except those who believe and do good". It rather refers to the human capacity to attain good, piety and spiritual beauty which is the outcome of "faith and righteous deeds". The Qur'an tells us to follow the Prophet Muhammad, peace be on him and his family: "Certainly you have an excellent model in the Messenger fo Allah" (33:21). Regarding circumcision, the Prophet instructed Muslims to follow the sunna of prophet Ibrahim, peace be in him. There have been no disagreement on this issue and Muslims conformed to this practice since the time of the last Prophet. A correlation may be also done in reference to the verse: "And we have revealed to you:- Follow the way of Ibrahim upright: he was not one of the polytheists-" (16:23). The circumcision of prophet Ibrahim was an act of monotheism that distanced himself from the polytheists; that is probably why in some narrations  such practice has been defined as "fitrah".

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