Early Islamic History


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The battle of Mu'ta مؤتة is also known as Sari'a سرية of Mu'ta.

Sari'a is the battle between the Muslims and the enemies in which the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was not present but persons who were sent by the Prophet (SAWA). If the Prophet (SAWA) was present in the battle, it would have been called Ghazwa غزوة. On the first year after Hijrah the Prophet SAWA) sent many Sari'as like his uncle Hamza in Sari'a Sayful Bahr, and his cousin brother Obaydah Ibn al-Haarith in Sari'a of Raabogh.

In the battle of Mu'ta or Sari'ah of Mu'ta which took place in Jumada Al-Oola year 8 after Hijra, three thousand Muslims took part and twelve Sahaba (companions) were martyred : 1. Zayd Ibn Harithah. 2. Jafar Ibn Abi Taalib. 3. Abdulah Ibn Rawaahah. 4. Mas'ood Ibn al-Aswad. 5. Wahab Ibn Sa'd. 6. Obadah Ibn Qays. 7. Amro Ibn QAys. . Al-Haarith Ibn Al-No'maan Ibn Esaaf. 9. Soraqah Ibn Amro.

10. Abu Kilab Ibn Abi Sa'sa'ah . 11. Jaabir Ibn Abi Sa'sa'ah. 12. 'Aamir Ibn Sa'd.