Arabs (; Arabic: عَرَب‎, ISO 233 ‘arab; Arabic pronunciation: [ˈʕarab] (listen)) are a population inhabiting the Arab world. They primarily live in the Arab states in Western Asia, North Africa, the Horn of Africa and western Indian Ocean islands. They also form a significant diaspora, with Arab communities established around the world.The first mention of Arabs is from the mid-ninth century BCE as a tribal people in eastern and southern Syria and the north of the Arabian Peninsula.


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There were two tribes of Arabs that welcomed the Muhajirun to Madina: they were the Aws and the Khazraj. Originally they were both Yemeni tribes from the line of Kahlan Ibn Saba' Ibn Yashjub Ibn Ya'rub Ibn Qahtan. 

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It refers to the desert Arabs (the Bedouins); one way this is clear is that it is referring to them as "them" rather than "us". 

Keeping in mind, also, that what is conceived of as "the Arab world" today did not exist back then since most of the Middle East did not become culturally or linguistically Arab until the expansion of the Arab-Muslim state after the time of the Prophet (S).