Grandparents are the parents of a person's father or mother – paternal or maternal.


Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour, Sheikh Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour is lecturer of Islamic Studies at the Islamic College for Advanced Studies, London, and a visiting lecturer at the University of Cambridge, Faculty of Oriental... Answered 3 years ago

There is no difference in this regard between any of the grandchildren. As long as a child lives his or her children or the children of other siblings would not inherit. 


Sayyed Muhammad Husaini Ragheb, Sayyed Muhammad Husaini Ragheb has a BA in Law from Guilan University, Iran and has also undertaken Hawzah studies in Qom. He is a Cultural Affairs director of Ethics Group of Al-Mustafa Open... Answered 3 years ago

He had this right to gift any of his property to anyone he wanted and it doesn't matter that he himself inherited these properties and didn't acquire them through his own endeavors


Mohammed Al-Hilli, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli, originally from Iraq, has a Masters in Pharmacy from the University of London. He completed his Hawza degree from the ICAS in London under the supervision of Ayatollah... Answered 3 years ago

No, since the siblings are the entitled to the inheritance according to Sharia law.