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Sorry to hear about your situation. Inshallah it improves soon, by the grace of Allah.

As Shaykh Zoheir said, you can do wudu from a bottle of water. Perhaps you can step out of the car for prayer if it is safe. 

If you have a concern about being seen without hijab, just do your best to preserve your modesty as wudhu can essentially be done from under a cloth.

The larger tahara can also be done with a reasonably small amount of water (rather than requiring an actual shower), but for this, modesty is more important of course. I guess you and your husband will have arranged somewhere or some way to wash up. 

If you absolutely cannot perform wudhu or ghusl due to modesty reasons, you ca do tayammum.

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Thank you for your question. The water that is needed to perform wudu does not have to be connected to a source and so it is fine to perform wudu using water from a bottle or container. Wudu can easily be performed with three handfuls of water. Missing prayers is very harmful to a persons wellbeing in this world and the next and is a great sin.

May you always be successful