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There is a false but famous narration in some Sunni books which claims that
Ayesha was a child ( between six and nine years) when she got married
with the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA). This narration is fabricated even
according to many Sunni scholars because of :

1. The narrator is just one single person who is Hisham Ibn O'rwah Ibn
al-Zubair who claimed narrating from Ayesha. Ayesha died on year 57 or
year 58 after Hijra, while Hisham Ibn O'rwah was born in year 61 after
Hijra. How can he claim narrating from her when she dies few years
before his his birth?

2. Hisham Ibn O'rwah is not an authentic narrator according to many
Sunni scholars including Al-Soyooti who included his name with the
list of Mudalliseen ( those who mix and hide the reality in their
narrations) ( Asmaa' al- Mudalliseen). Other leading Sunni scholars
like Malik Ibn Anas , Al-Midyani and many others refuse the narrations
of Hishan Ibn O'rwah.

3. There are certain historic facts in Sunni books prove that the age
of Ayesha was between 20 to 30 or even more when her marriage with the
Proohet (SAWA) took place:

3A. Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr , the elder sister of Ayesha was elder then
her at least few years. Some Sunni scholars said few years and said
ten years. Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr was born 27 years before the Bi'thah
of the Prophet (SAWA) ( Majma' al-Zawa'id, V. 9, P. 260, Omdatul Qaari
Fi Sharh Saheeh al-Bukhari, V. 2, P. 93, al-Majma' al-Kaberi by
Al-Tabarani , V. 24, P. 77 and many others. This means that when the
Prophet (SAWA) migrated from Makkah to Madinah after 13 years , the
age of Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr was 40 years. As the of Ayesha was few
years ( or maximum ten years ) younger than her sister Asmaa', then
the age of Ayesha when the Prophet ( SAWA) migrated to Madina was not
less than thirty years.

As the marriage took place two years after Hijra, then the age of
Ayesha was then more than thirty years.

4. It is also worth mentioning that the well known Sunni Historian
Muhammad Ibn Sa'ad in His famous book Al-Tabaqaat al-Kubra (8: 9)
narrated from Abdullah Ibn Maleekah that when the Prophet ( SAWA)
proposed to Ayesha, Abu Baki ( her father) told him: I have given her
for marriage to Jubair Ibn Mut'im, so, let me take her back from him,
and he took her back from him by divorce, then gave her to the Prophet
( SAWA) for marriage.
It is also mentioned  in history that Ayesha had a son from her first
marriage called Abdullah, that is why she was called by the Prophet by
the name of her son Abdullah as Umm Abdillah. ( Sunan Abi Dawood).

Sunni scholars in Islamic Studies Centre in Cairo have refuted the widely spread narration about A'isha age and said that the age of Aisha when she got married to the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) was not less than 19 years. (Al-Yawm Al-Saabi' 10-10-2008).


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