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Lady Maria daughter of Sham'oon known as Maria Al-Qibtiyyah, is one of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) and Ummul Mo'mineen.

She was well behaving and pious follower of the Prophet (SAWA). Allah (SWT) granted the Prophet from Maria a son(Ebraheem) who passed away during his childhood.

'Aysha daughter of Abu Bakr who was also among the wives of the Prophet, did not like Maria and she has stated (according to Sunni books) that she was feeling jealous from Maria more than other wives. This was behind the trend of the followers of 'Aysha against Maria and claiming that she was not a wife but just concubine.

Lady Maria was not only a wife of the Prophet (SAWA) but also was one of the best of his wives in Madina, as far as her Faith and obedience.

Lady Maria was accused by some hypocrites including two of wived of the Prophet and their people, that her child Ebraheem was not from the Prophet (SAWA) but from another person. The story of this false allegation was mentioned in Quran and known by Al-Efk.