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Bismihi ta'ala

The grand scholar, Ayatullah al-Udhma Seyid Abu al-Qasim al-Khu`i (1317/1899 - 1412/1992 AH/CE) was one of the outstanding Shi'ah jurists between the sixties until the early nineties.

For a detailed biography on his life, please refer to:

As far as his teachers are concerned, he studied under the greatest of scholars of hist time. Among them were:

1. Sheikh Fathullah Esfahani, known as Sheikh al-Shari'ah.

2. Sheikh Mehdi al-Mazandarani.

3. Sheikh Dhiya' al-Din al-'Iraqi.

4. Sheikh Muhammad Husain al-Gharawi al-Kumpani. 

5. Sheikh Muhammad Husain al-Na'ini. 

And others. However, from what I have looked into, I have not come accross information stating that the late Seyid al-Khu`i studied under the late Seyid Abu al-Hasan al-Esfahani (1284/1867 - 1365/1946 AH/CE). 

As for some of the prominent students of Seyid Abu al-Hasan al-Esfahani, who are famously known, they are:

1. Seyid Mahmud al-Shahrudi.

2. Seyid Muhsin al-Hakim

3. Seyid Hadi al-Milani.

4. Mirza Hashim al-Amuli.

5. Allamah Tabatabai.

And others. 

And Allah knows best.