Sayyed Mohammad Al-Musawi, Sayyed Mohammad al-Musawi is originally from Iraq and heads up the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League in London. Other than being involved in various humanitarian projects, he frequently responds to... Answered 8 months ago

The attack on the door of Fatima (s.a.) and setting fire to burn her door and her house has been mentioned in many authentic and prominent Sunni books as well as Shia books. From the Sunni books where you can find this attack has been mentioned is:
    1.    Al-Imamah Wal Siyasa by Ibn Qutaibah , Volume 1 Page 30. الإمامة والسياسة لابن قتيبة .
    2.    Al-Mukhtasar Fi Akhbaar Al-Bashar المختصر في أخبار البشر Volume 1 Page 156 by Abul Fida Ismael.
    3.     Tareekh Al-Tabari by Volume 3 Page 198. 
    4.     Ansaab Al-Ashraaf by Al-Balathuri أنساب الأشراف للبلاذري Volume 1 Page 586.
    5.    Al-Milal Wal Nihal narrating from Al-Nadhdham Volume 1 Page 56. 
    6.    Al-Iqd Al-Fareed by Ibn Abd Rabbeh Volume 5 Page 12. 
    7.    Tareekh al-Ya’qoubi, V.2, P.126.
    8.    Al-Bad’ WAL-Tareekh by al-Maqdisi, 5:151.
    9.    Al-Kaamil fil Tareekh by Ibn al-Atheer, 2:325.
    10.    Al-Mussannaf by Ibn Shaibah, 8:572.
    11.    Al-Estee’aab by Ibn Abd al-Birr, 1:298.
    12.    Al-Waafi bil Wafayaat  by al-Safadi, 2:227.
    13.    It is narrated in many prominent Sunni books that Abu Bakr when he was about to die, did mention that he committed three things in his life he wished that he never did any of them. One of them is his attacking the house of Fatima (s.a.). This statement of Abu Bakr confirms the attack on the house of Fatimah and it is narrated in many Sunni books like:
    14.    Mizaan al-E’tidaal by Al-Dhahabi, Volume 2 Page 215. 
    15.    In Kanzul Ummal , Volume 5 Page 631. 
    16.    In Lisaan Al-Mizaan by Al-Asqalani Volume 4 Page 219. 
    17.    In Murooj Al-Dhahab, Volume 2 Page 301. 
    18.    In Al-Imamah Was-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaiba Volume 1 Page 18 
    19.    and In Tareeq Al-Tabarri Volume 2 Page 619.  
   All these Sunni references and many others prove that the attack on the house of Fatima did happen and her door was burnt by the attackers.