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The marriages of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) were always based on the
benefit of Islam. He never got married with any young
women for the purpose of enjoyment but all his marriages were based on
serving Islam. If you take his marriages one by one and analyse  the
reasons and the effect you will find that all the marriages were based
on serving Islam. He got married with ladies from certain tribes to
make the tribes supporting or at least not opposing Islam. He got
married to a lady who is Zainab bint Jhash to establish the rule of
Islam in marriage between the man and the wife of his fostered son as
the people Jaahiliyyah thought that such marriage is Haraam but the Prophet (SAWA) wanted to break the Jahilyyah concept of such marriage. In fact Allah (SWT) ordered the Prophet to get married with Zainab bint Jahsh  as it is mentioned in the Holy Qur’an ( Sura al-Ahzaab, Verse 37) after Zainab Bint Jahsh was divorced from Zaid who was a fostered son and not real son of the Holy Prophet (SAWA) and the reason of the marriage is
also mentioned in the Holy Qur’an.

The Holy Prophet (SAWA) got married
with ladies who came from leading families in their communities like
Lady Safiyah whose father was the leader of the Jewish community but
she became a very sincere Muslim. He also got married with Lady Mariah
who was from Egypt from a Christian family and she was a very sincere
lady. So all his marriages were just for serving Islam and supporting
Islam and making Islam more acceptable to people. In fact his marriage
with Juwairiyah was a cause of a big number of people from her tribe
becoming Muslims just because of his marriage with a lady from their