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The Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) divorced Hafsah Bint Omar as it is narrated in Sunni books like Sunan Abu Dawood 2283 and Ibn Maajah 2016, and An Nasaa'ee 3560, and Al-Mustadrak by Al-Nisaboori , volume 2, page 197 and Al-Albaani in al-Silsilah al-Saheeha, V. 5,npage 15.

'They narrated that the Prophet (SAWA) took her back after divorcing her.

It is also narrated that the Prophet Muhammad (SAWA) divorced Daughter of Al-Jawn who told him: I seek refuge of Allah from you. He also divorced daughter of al-Dhahhaak and Omaymah Bint Sharhabeel. All these three were divorced before the consummating of the marriage.

It is also narrated that Prophet Lut divorced his wife who insisted on disobeying Allah, and Prophet Esmael also divorced his wife who was complaining poverty when his father Prophet Ebraheem asked her. The narrations say that Prophet Ebraheem sent a message to his son Esmael to divorce his complaining wife and look for a wife who can tolerate his difficult life.