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Thank for your question. Spiritual practices which result in certain spiritual powers and abilities are not to be attempted without guidance and so while there are books that include various practices in the field of ulum al-gharibah, they can be dangerous if used in the wrong way and induce many undesirable consequences. An expert is needed to help a person navigate such literature.

For a person to increase their spirituality they should stick to performing the recommended actions such as night prayer, reciting and pondering the verses of the Holy Qur'an, fasting, remembering Allah often, charity, good manners, while at the same time seeking knowledge and putting what they learn into practice. These practices result in the illumination of the spirit as well as peace and tranquility.

A book that can help in this regard is a Commentary on Forty Hadith by Ruhallah al-Khumayni (r), which gives advice on spiritual practice in the light of reported traditions and the general practice of Shi mystics.

May you always be successful.

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