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Waswasa is a condition of weakness in the will power and thinking power which makes the person hesitate in defining his acts and doubts himself or / and others.

The cause of this mental condition is the weakness in dealing with Shaitan which makes the person under the influence of Shaitan.

Shiatan and Satanic efforts are weak as Allah (SWT) says in Quran ( Verily, the efforts of Shaitan are weak) (Sura Annisaa’, Verse 76). Normal human beings are easily able to defeat Shaitan, but those who opt to be weak and go on in their weakness till they become very weak, put themselves as an easy target for Shaitan. Shaitan tries to mislead them under many titles including Wudhu and Namaz and Tahara and  Nijasah etc. Shaitan creates doubts in their minds about the validity of their worship to disturb their state of mind and make them loose the sweat taste of worshipping Allah. If they keep listening to Satanic whispering, they will go far away from Allah (SWT). Some of them might reach to loosing their faith in worst scenarios.

Tackiling Waswasa needs:

1. Admitting that Waswasa is from Shaitan and being aware about its origin.Jafar Al-Sadiq (AS) was requested help to cure a person suffering from Waswasa.bHectold them: Ask him, is what he suffers from from Allah or from Shaitan? Imam Said: He will say: It is from Shaitan. 

‘Such person needs to always be reminded that Waswasa is from Shaitan.

2. Repeating Estighfaar, Salwaat, La Hawla Wala Qowwata Ilya Billah and Laa Ilaaha Illallah لا إله إلا الله, Sura Tawheed. All these recitations drive Shaitan away if been recited with concentration and dedication.

3. Not to care to the repeated doubts at all and practicing  the total ignoring of such doubts because of its Satanic origin.

4. Reciting this Quranic supplication : RABBI A’OOTHO BIKA MIN HAMAZAAT ASHSHAYATEEN رب أعوذ بك  من همزات الشياطين

5. Repeating Ayatul Kursi.


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