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Major signs of healthy heart include:

1. Loving Allah (SWT) more than anything or anyone else. In Quran (And the believers love Allah more )(2: 165). Loving Allah (SWT) makes the believer love what Allah wants and keep away from what Allah dislikes.

2. Feeling the taste of talking to Allah in Prayers and supplications as well as the taste of listening to Allah in reciting or listening to Quran. Nothing more tasteful than talking to the Most beloved and listening to His Words.

3. Enjoying performing the Prayers because it is a direct contact with Allah (SWT). Beside the obligatory Prayers, performing the recommended Prayers like Nawaafil and Night Prayers is a sign of healthy heart.

4. Loving Allah's most beloved ones who are the prophets and Infallible Imams, more than loving ourselves and our families. 

5. Loving all the creatures of Allah and feeling sympathy to them except the enemies of Allah (SWT).