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The Hadeeth says: When a person dies, his Qiyamah starts.

إذا  مات  آبن آدم قامت


We read in Sura Al- Waqi’a how every one who dies , faces immediately the consequences of his faith and deeds. This is the start of Qiyamah which is very close to us and it can come to us any minute by death.

Signs of the final Day of Judgement are mentioned in many Hadeeths but it will not come before the establishment of the world state of justice under the leadership of Imam Al-Mahdi ( AS) as Allah (SWT) has promised in Quran ( ولقد كتبنا في الزبور من بعد الذكر أن الأرض يرثها عبادي الصالحون) ( We have ordained in Zabur after the Thikr ( Book) that the whole earth will be inherited by our Pious Servants) Sura Al-Anbiyaa’, Verse 105.