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Animals will come in the Day of Judgment ant get compensated if they were wronged by other animal or human being, or punished if they wronged another animal. The Hadeeth states that in the Day of Judgment,  every one will face the results of the deeds even the animal with out horn which was been wronged by an animal with horn will get its compensation from it. Biharul Anwar 7/90.

Hadeeth stated that if a person kills a sparrow for no benefit but playing, that sparrow will come on the Day of Judgment complaining to Allah against the killer saying : O My Lord, Please judge between me and him who killed me for no benefit. He did not utilize my meat nor let me eat from the plants of the earth.  (Biharul Anwar V.61, P. 306).

'Some animals of special importance will be in the Paradise like the hoopoe of Suleman, the ant of Dawood, the camel she of Salih, the cow of Musa, the whale of Younus, the goat of Ebraheem, the sheep of Esmael  and other animals linked with Allah's most pious servants.

'There are narrations the after the animals get compensated or punished because of their deeds and according to the level of its senses, they will be ordered to be clay. That is why, the disbeliever will wish to be clay and escape the punishment. (Tafseer Majma3 al- BayanAlslam by al-Tabarsi 10/674).