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Thank you for your question. To diagnose spiritual traits a person needs to be aware of their actions, attitudes and states and then they need reflect on why they act or feel the way they do.

For this reflection it helps to understand some schemas of the soul and how personality development is viewed in Islam. When a person is aware of something that they would like to improve, the next stage is to seek methods that will facilitate that movement towards the desired outcome.

Sometimes simply being aware and controlling impulsive behaviour is enough to deal with some traits and at other times real life changes are the only way to get rid of persistent problems. The ones that need more work are the traits that are more deeply rooted. There are some fundamental changes a person can make to deal with a host of problems, but the development process is a life long journey, full of successes and failures, progression and regression, remembering and forgetting. At the same time, when meaningful change is achieved it results in coming closer to a truly Islamic personality.

May you always be successful