Sayyed Mohammad Al-Musawi, Sayyed Mohammad al-Musawi is originally from Iraq and heads up the World Ahlul Bayt Islamic League in London. Other than being involved in various humanitarian projects, he frequently responds to... Answered 5 months ago

1. Sadaqa is one of the best good deeds which have great benefits in this life and hereafter.

2. Giving Sadaqa for the sake of Allah removes away calamities, difficulties and hardships and protects from hell fire.

3. Best Sadaqa is the secret Sadaqa which no one knows about it but Allah (SWT).

4. Giving what we love more in Sadaqa will bring more reward. (You will never get the degree of piousness until you give what you love, in the way of Allah. (3:92).

5. Sadaqa of water is very great in its reward as well as feeding the hungry.

6. Sadaqa of a word to support a Momin has great reward.

7. Smiling in the face of your believing brothers is a Sadaqa and saying good words to people is a Sadaqa and removing harmful items from the road of people is Sadaqa.

8. Best food to give in Sadaqa is the lawful food which you love more.

9. Sadaqa should not aim to get people's praise or thanks. Allah says in Quran (Saying: We feed you for the sake of Allah only, we don't want from you to reward us nor to thank us.) (Sura 76, Verse 9).

10. Giving Sadaqa is the wish of people who leave this life with out giving what they could give. They will wish from Allah to send them back to the worldly life for a while so that they can give Sadaqa. Allah says in Quran (And spend (in noble cause) from what We granted you before death comes to each one of you then he will say O my Lord, if you only give me respite for little while so that I give Sadaqa and be with righteous)(Sura 63, verse 10).

11. Sadaqa is one of best ways to increase your income. The Hadeeth says: When we face decrease of income, we invest in giving Sadaqa to get more income.

12. Sadaqa is one of the best ways to treat illnesses and get cure. Hadeeth says: Treat you ill persons by giving Sadaqa.

13. Sadaqa is one of the best ways to remove away any expected or un expected danger. 
14. Patching up between believers who have disputes is from the best Sadaqa which Allah likes. (Al-Kaafi 2:209).