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The tragedy of Lady Fatimah (SA) and her sufferings from Abu Bakr is mentioned in
hundreds of Sunni books and thousands of Shia books. I will mention
only the book of Bukhari being the most important book of Hadeeth among
our Sunni brothers. In the book of Bukhari, Hadeeth number 4240, it is
mentioned that Fatimah asked Abu Bakr to give her her right from what
the Holy Prophet (SAWA) left. Abu Bakr refused to give anything of
that to Fatimah (SA) so she became angry with Abu Bakr and boycotted
him and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive after
her father for 6 months and she never spoke to Abu Bakr. This is in
the book of Bukhari itself.

It is important to know that Bukhari himself narrated a Hadeeth from
the Holy Prophet (SAWA) that Fatimah (SA) is part of me, anyone who
makes her angry makes me angry – this is in Bukhari, volume 4, page
210 in the Arabic edition.