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Thank you for your question. The highest spiritual status for an individual is not defined as a specific station, as in the higher levels of spirituality as well as a vertical progression, there is a realization of a person's individual gifts. There is no competition as all are different flowers in the same garden. The journey to God is unlimited and the highest stations have been expressed as a type of oneness, where the individual ego of the wayfarer is annihilated and they subsist in the subsistence of God. But writers in practical mysticism acknowledge that only so much can be expressed past this level. So in this sense, there is no limit to a person's status as the journey is an unlimited one and a time comes where it is no longer dependent on effort either.

As for our levels compared to the Prophet (saw) and the Infallibles (as), they are the ones who opened the ways for the rest of us to be wayfarers. All that wayfarers experience of true unveiling and station is part of the Full Muhammadan Unveiling. Their (as) status before Allah is something that is unimaginable and a person should seek to fulfill their own path by their (as) help rather than aim to equal or overtake them (as). Perhaps, an individual will be granted a place amongst their (as) most humble servants, in their never-ending journey to the Beloved.

May you always be successful