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as salam alaikum

"al-Riyadah" (asceticism) is the exercise of the soul for accepting the truth. The term is not found in the Qur'an but the concept may be deduced from few verses: "He who brings the truth and testifies wholeheartedly to it: these it is who become secure against evil" (39:33).

Allah also says: "And those who give whatever they can afford to give while their heart tremble" (23:60).

The 'ulama have explained that "al-Riyadah" includes (although not limited to that):

1) Rectifying your ethical behavior with knowledge. This consists of not acting unless your actions have been confirmed by knowledge.

2) Purify your actions with ikhlas. This consists of not acting for your own apparent benefits or moved by people's sake but for Allah's sake only.

3) Fulfill your duty while dealing with Allah. This consists of obeying all the commands of Allah very meticulously so that He will be pleased with you.

With prayers for your success.