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As both of you are Muslims, Alhamdulillah, marriage is very simple and
easy according to the Islamic rules. Both of you should agree an
amount which is called Mahr which is the right of the female. If she
is a virgin, means if it is her first marriage, then she needs the
permission of her father. But if her father refuses for any reason
which is not valid in Islam to object on the marriage, then she is
allowed to get marriage to a suitable Muslim believer to save herself
from sinful acts. After agreeing the Mahr, you need a person who knows
Arabic language properly to recite the marriage agreement which is
called Nikah or Aqd of marriage. In this marriage agreement she, or
anyone on her behalf, says in Arabic, that she agrees to become your
wife for the agreed Mahr (ZAWWAJTUKA NAFSI ALAL MAHR AL MA'LOM) and you or someone on your behalf, say in
Arabic “I accept the marriage for the said Mahr”(QABILTU AL TAZWEEJ ALAL MAHR AL MA'LOOM). Witness of two pious men is recommend
but not compulsory in marriage.

May Allah SWT grant you both the best
and keep you blessed with more Imaan and prosperity.


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